New Machinery at NSCL

Figure 1: The SRF Furnace in the southt high bay.

Several of the new devices that have been mentioned in previous Greensheets have arrived at the lab or are being installed. The SRF furnace (Figure 1) recently was delivered to the south high bay. The machine is a large vacuum furnace to be used in the processing of SRF cavities for upcoming accelerator projects.

The ANL Gas Catcher (Figure 2) that arrived several weeks ago is now in place in the N4 vault. The gas catcher uses radio frequency ion guiding techniques combined with a static potential gradient to transport ions stopped in the helium gas towards a nozzle through which the ions are extracted.

Figure 2: The ANL Gas Catcher in the N4 vault.

The electronics room (Figure 3) described in last week’s edition of the Greensheet has been completed in the S800 pit and awaits the assembly of GRETINA, which should proceed next week when the components arrive at the lab.

Figure 3: The completed electronics room next to the GRETINA frame in the S800 pit.

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